those pb cookies are to die for! Not like any pb cookie I've had before!

Cookie Fairy Sweets is an AMAZING baker of delicious desserts. The sugar cookies she made for my daughter's first birthday party were not only gorgeous but the. best. cookies. i have. ever. had. period. Ever think you'd hear someone say that about a SUGAR COOKIE?? Nuff said. -K. Pettit

I recently had your oatmeal cookies and they are DELICIOUS..AHHHHMAZINGGG!!!! The best cookies I have had and believe me I am VERY picky with cookies. -V. Charles

From the bottom of our hearts, Tiffany and I would like to thank you so much!! I cant believe that you were able to get a few cookies in different colors for us. Everyone loved the cookies and kept raving about them; we were sure to tell everyone about your company. They came out absolutely amazing and we are so thankful you were able to do it. Thank you so much again!! -Tiffany & Ilan

are so sweet and delicious that our own customers ate them while waiting in line to pay ! (: .. You just cannot resist.!

So I had your Oatmeal Raisin cookies..and I have to say that these are the BEST cookies EVER!!!

My new obsession: my man cookies (chic chip, oatmeal, pecan + coconut) by @cookiefairyswts No preservatives. Organic 100 % delicious. @grdovic

Took one bite and WOW! @mommylok

Both Phin & Phebes ice cream and Cookie Fairy Sweets cookies rocked! This is quality stuff made by great people who obviously care about what they make for people. S. LeVine

Thanks for the delicious chocolate cake and cupcakes this weekend. They were a huge hit! M. R. Kogan

I'm seriously craving some of your salted peanut butter with chocolate chips cookies! Let us know when and where we can get some more! A. Perkins

I'm hoping that a bag or a few will find its way to me for my birthday! :) D. Bondoc

OMG, we just had lil' devils for dessert, but they're more like heaven :-) -Spicy 'n Sweet

The tastiest cookies ever. Love them and hope to see them at The Garden soon in Greenpoint! D. Barrick

Bought my first cookie fairy sweets. Thank god you are now sold in my building! Welcome to Manhattan! P. Myrtle

Just had your my man cookies.. much better than dating men ;) C. Malon

Great cookies! I brought both the Lil Devils and My Man's Cookies to a bbq this weekend and they were a big hit! B. Dong

I admit...I just ate 3 cookies in a row in probably 5 minutes or less. My gosh these are delicious. Thank you for introducing them to me! S. Conlon

Bought your cookies at Brooklyn Fare and loved them! K. Bledsoe

I tried a sample of the oatmeal, chocolate, coconut cookie and it was devine. No preservative after taste. Really a healthy bite of delicious chocolate, with oatmeal tones and sublte coconut texture. Delicious, buy some at Organic Candy, keep in the freezer, let them thaw or pop in microwave for fresh cookies anytime. Paige is a delightful, enthusiastic Cookie Fairy. H. Reyes

we can't stop eatin' them! S. Tedaldi

Queens County Mkt. Heavenly whoppie pies from the Cookie Fairy Sweets lady-she pumps the creme in to order. Yummy! pic.twitter.com/n3Vxi5EF @Frannyonthego

Two of my faces (*faves) coming together... Phin & Phebes and Cookie Fairy Sweets. http://fb.me/2egviCoP2 @BecomingBKLYN

Loved the whoopie pie! @harmoniousbelly

our juices & @CookieFairySwts "my man" cookies go perfect together @WesterlyMarket http://lockerz.com/s/230558430 @deLIFEfulFoods

Just found out @cookiefairyswts is making whoopie pies for our party! So, be prepared to abandon your diet, everyone.http://on.fb.me/S5fnlL @GreenwichJwlrs

Hand-rolled cheddar crackers w/thyme, sea salt and black sesame from Cookie Fairy Sweets in the house!! @TheOwlsHead

@CookieFairySwts @TheMamasExpo Brought home your cookies from the Expo today, my husband loved them - ate the whole bag! @BiculturalMama

Stuck underground for 20 mins. Almost killed by bike messenger. But it's going to be a good day b/c @CookieFairySwts stopped by the office! @allisonveinote

@cookiefairyswts these are so great and no preservatives!! Wooohooo I found my healthy snack! Go small businesses! pic.twitter.com/2AZi3VB0 @basicallychi

Enjoying our cookie fairy treats :) @CookieFairySwts @QueensCountyMkt pic.twitter.com/kjK79V5F @vssweetideas

@CookieFairySwts Thanks so much for celebrating with us! Your cookies made our birthday very sweet, indeed. @BrooklynFare1

@CookieFairySwts Love your cookies! Thanks for making an awesome product. @JenniferPerillo

@CookieFairySwts We love your cookies :) @BonnaTella

We love COOKIE FAIRY SWEETS fully-baked, flash-frozen cookies. Just defrost and enjoy! @unionmarket

@CookieFairySwts totally addicted to "Lil Devils" flavor of Cookie Fairy Sweets!!!Need to restock! Thank u @CookieFairySwts !! "@albananyc:

Seriously raising the standard of cookies on this earth @cookiefairyswts new oats&raisins @JenniferGandia

Nicely done, @CookieFairySwts (They bake, freeze, deliver cookies to stores. The customer thaws and eats. So: No preservatives needed.) @kthread