Why are the cookies frozen?
Because frozen is fresher!  Our cookies are frozen just out of the oven to lock in their homemade flavors, naturally eliminating the use of harsh, unhealthy preservative. We guarantee you will always have a fresh-baked, delicious cookie that is 100% preservative free, convenient and healthy for you and your family.  Try us out today and rethink the way you buy cookies. 

Since the cookies are frozen do I need to bake them?
Nope! The cookies are already baked and ready to eat. Cookies fully thaw at room temperature in 20 minutes. Want a warm cookie? Pop one in the toaster oven or microwave for 20 seconds.  

Can I eat them straight from the freezer?
Yes!  They are delicious frozen, but take caution biting into a frozen cookie.
P.s. Try dipping a frozen one into hot coffee. YUM!

What ingredients do you use in the cookies?
We carefully select and source all of our ingredients like organic sweet-cream butter, free-range organic eggs, pure extracts, organic whole grain oats and natural unbleached flour. We believe that these ingredients are the secret to the cookies success.  For a full listing of all the ingredients please click on the cookies name for more information.  

Do you have gluten free and dairy free offerings?
Additional plans are underway to offer gluten free and dairy free desserts.

Are you working on any other flavors?
Yes, we are constantly researching new ideas and flavor combos.  The newest cookie to our family is a Sea Salted Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie...its amazing!!  Right now we only offer this cookie at Cookie Fairy Sweets Events and Catering.

If you have a cookie idea/flavor you'd like for us to try, please let us know!

How long do the cookies stay fresh?
Freezer - 6 Months
Fridge - 7 Days
Shelf/Counter - 4 Days

Where can I find the cookies?
You can now purchase our cookies from the online store! Yippee!
You can also find our cookies in your grocers freezer near the frozen desserts and ice cream. Check out our Where to Buy page for a full listing of retailers.
Do you only make cookies? 
We make a variety of beautiful desserts and snacks.  Please check our Custom Catering section for a full selection. 

Can Cookie Fairy Sweets assist me with gift giving? 
Roses are red. Violets are blue.  No one is as sweet as you! 

We would love to provide assistance with gift ideas, custom orders or just about anything sweet related.

Please contact us.
T. 917.749.6392
E. orders@cookiefairysweets.com

Is there sales tax? 
There is no sales tax on any baked good that we make at our bakery. 

Do you have a mailing list? 
Yes!  Thanks for asking.  Please sign up on our home page under "Stay Connected."
What is your return policy?
We take great pride in providing our customers with high quality products and excellent customer service. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from our online store please contact our customer service department for an exchange or refund. 

Customer Service Department
P. 347.560.6292
E. orders@cookiefairysweets.com