About Cookie Fairy Sweets

"It’s not about the cookies being frozen; it's about them being fresh!"

I am often asked why Cookie Fairy Sweets was created and why we chose to freeze our cookies.  It comes down to wanting a truly preservative-free, fresh baked cookie every time without sacrificing freshness and taste. Every time you take one of our cookies out of the freezer it will taste the same way it did the day we baked it, naturally.  It's not about the cookies being frozen; it's about them being fresh! 

I have made it my mission to save the world from preservatives by giving our customers a convenient, healthier option for dessert. Our 100 percent preservative-free cookies are already baked when you purchase them. So there is no baking required. Simply defrost them at room temperature for a few minutes.  Or if you prefer, eat them straight from the freezer like I do. 

Since we opened our ovens less than 2 years ago we have expanded our line of fresh-baked sweets. We now bake delicious cookies, cakes, whoopie pies, naturally sugar free muffins and dairy free desserts. As always, we specialize using organic and local ingredients whenever possible.  All of our baking is done on premise at our new outpost located within Leske's Bakery at 588 5th Avenue, Brooklyn NY.  Each dessert is handcrafted in small batches, fresh daily. 

At Cookie Fairy Sweets we believe life tastes better with a cookie, and we hope you enjoy eating ours as much as we love baking them for you.

-Paige McCurdy-Flynn, Head Cookie Fairy of Cookie Fairy Sweets

Photographer: Kat Teutsch
Prop Styling and Set Design: Paola Andrea
Hair and Makeup: Lisa Maria Iadorola


Why Fresh-Baked Frozen Cookies?

Our 100% preservative-free cookies are baked in small batches to retain their homemade quality using superior natural & organic ingredients. To lock in their fresh-baked and unique flavors, Cookie Fairy Sweets' cookies are frozen immediately out of the oven. No baking required; only defrost to enjoy! Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of our delicious desserts, without the unhealthy preservatives!